Route Maps & Descriptions

15KM(actual = 14.8km)

A nice easy route with enough elevation to make you feel you've at least earned your medal. First part will gradually take you higher and higher through beautiful fynbos. Thereafter it's an easy downhill section towards the Elim road and then again a gradually upwards section - you might not even notice it - and easy rolling towards the finish for the last 2 km - enjoy!


Water tables at approximately 8km

30KM(actual = 28.3km)

With just over 600m's of climbing and most of it done by the time you reach halfway, this route offers a nice challenge to the competitive short route rider but is also a fantastic route for the first-timer. Riders will be treated and spoilt with splendid views across the Napier-Valley. The pedalling will mostly be "lekke" downhill and gradually levelling out over rolling terrain. Jeep tracks for the most part and lovely connecting single-track will have you in awe.


One moment in the open and the next under a canopy of trees will make you forget about the distance, wishing it never ends. Two thirds into the race will take you up a gentle little climb where after a lovely long downhill will bring you back to the outskirts of Napier. The last 4 km will albeit not be a lot of climbing, but will be testing the legs for last time before speeding the final km or so to the finish... wanna do another lap?! ENJOY!


Water tables at approximately 10km & 17km


The riders will make a LEFT Turn at waterpoint No 2 (24km) and will now ride along a beautiful, flattish, and slightly downhill section for about 7km. The last km of this section is a fast downhill section which should be taken with extreme care. At km 27, riders will turn LEFT and now join riders doing the 55km (RED). Immediately, this starts with a somewhat challenging ST downhill section to a beautiful dam in the kloof and hooks up with the 30km riders just after a very nice 2.3km downhill section – FLAT OUT is the word!  Enjoy!  ☺

Water tables at approximately 10km, 23km and  33km.

55km Route Map

55KM(actual = 55km)

This one, actually only 55 km :) , being our flagship route, once finished, will leave you with a feeling of pride and beaming with a sense of achievement –never have you enjoyed a hammering so much. Truly spectacular scenery, exhilarating safe downhill’s and single-track awaits the rider. Following the same route as the 30km for the first 10km, the riders will split off(RED=RIGHT) and left again after 1.7km into the distance over gravel road for another 5km before heading up into the “kloof” for the big one!


Steady, hard climbing to the top will take you to the highest point in the race whereafter one of the best downhill’s in the country awaits! For the daring fast rider this will be the highlight of the ride – close to the edge at times but also catering for the less adventurous. Going mostly downhill now along jeep track for about 10km, riders will be heading back towards Napier through lovely Protea plantations and past numerous dams. With about 15km’s to go, gradual climbing via single-track to yet another beautiful lookout point will bring you to the start of another fast downhill where after you will connect with the 30km route again for the last 10km. If this route doesn’t have you searching for superlatives and screaming with joy, nothing will! Come on, just do it!


Water tables at approximately 10km, 23km, 33km and 44km

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