Training MTB Ride: Sunday June 18th

TIME: 07:45am 

MEET AT: The Start/Finish at the Napier Skills school at 7:15 am sharp!

COST: R150

Led by two local experts.

DISTANCE:  60km including the Napier Patatfees MTB trail open just for the day. This will take between 3 to 6 hours to complete.

DESCRIPTION: We know you’ve been racing flat out the day before and on this ride you can actually stop and smell the roses… This route is arguably the most beautiful you’ll come across in the whole of the Cape.  Lovely variations in terms of the terrain and you’ll see places otherwise out of bounds for the rest of the year. A grand opportunity to wind down an enjoyable weekend of mountain biking in style!

You will have ample time to practice, time yourself on Strava single track sections, and brush up on technique and technical skills. Your guides are there for any pointers, questions or advice!

One water point mid-way, and exit routes will be marked on map before departure.

Bring essentials with you: water bottle, phone for Strava, some edibles… it’s a long ride!


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The Patatfees MTB Race, Half Marathon and Trail Run

are organized by SMF Events and partnered with

The Napier Wine & Patatfees



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