Vietnam MTB - Win a MTB tour - Napier Patatfees MTB Race

By entering the 30km, 45km, or 55km Napier Wine & Patatfees MTB Race, you will automatically be entered to win the trip of a lifetime!

The Main Prize is a trip to Vietnam worth R50,000: Inclusive of airfare, accommodation and free participation in a once in a lifetime MTB tour! All you need to bring is your bike and some spending money and get ready for a life changing trip!

The winner will arrive with a group of fellow MTB Tourists into Hanoi, to be met by the organizer Naas Vermaak.

First off your group will go a little bit South - Ninh Binh, and then to the untamed North - Sa Pa and Ha Giang and the East towards Ha long Bay and the Cat Ba islands will never want to return home!

What can be better than throwing in a couple of days on your beloved trusty steed on roads and trails that will make you reach for the seat belt.

To top it all, a scenic flight by boat plane across the Ha Long Bay Unesco World Heritage site where you will see over a 1000 islands from the sky - fairy tale stuff!!

Other modes of transport include train, funny local bicycles, small scooters, bigger off-road motorbikes, kayaking, your own MTB or a supplied one, local vegetable bus, luxury cruisers, sleeper-bus and of course the walking boots!

Hanoi itself, is a wonder to marvel at, a city unlike anything else...street food, live music, bars, the list goes on!

There's also the small matter of earning your medal over there with Certificate and all...yes, do you have what it takes?.....a 25km pass, the highest in South East Asia that ascends over 2000m!!

Enter now to qualify for our best Lucky Draw prize yet!

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The Patatfees MTB Race, Half Marathon and Trail Run

are organized by SMF Events and partnered with

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