Feedback by the riders....

Thanks Naas.  That trail run was truly magnificent and tough enough to test the best.  Made me realise I need some fitness and that I can still do it 😳.  The weather and the scenery were incredible.   Thank you for adding that adventure to my weekend.  I will never forget my first Napier trail run and think that I will go and train on some of those routes.

You also handled a lot on your own this year with the Patatfees.  I am sorry the sponsors weren't there, yet you pulled it off.  Great job!

Thanks for a great event.

We did the 45 km as a group of friends (we stopped regularly to wait for each other) and had our own halfway support crew with boeries (sorry for any confusion caused). As others mentioned, first half was a bit wet and muddy but it cleared up nicely afterwards. Route was very well suited to the Surly Krampus (rigid 29+) and I just had one close call hitting a rocky section at speed. We will be back next year and bring even more friends along! The commentator at the prize giving is one of the most random people ever, we haven't laughed as much at someone in a long time.


Keep up the good work! 



Wel gedaan Naas. Die verbetering jaar na jaar is duidelik sigbaar. Die aantal mense hierdie jaar spreek alreeds boekdele, Regtig 'n baie goed georganiseerde byeenkoms. Dit was nou my 9de patatfees sedert 2006 en ek sal verseker terug wees.


Die tent na die tyd was great, die start was baie goed volgens my. Fireworks! Roetes in perfekte toestand. Meatballs by die waterpunte was baie lekker, dankie. Baie lucky draw pryse en selfs ouderdomskategorie pryse vir elke afstand! Well done.

Hou asb ook die 45km opsie in die toekoms, gee my kans vir 'n paar ekstra biere die Vrydagaand. 

 Goedgaan! Tot volgende jaar. Ek sien alreeds uit.


Cracked myself up for Hendrik and Naas' comments  


I loved the beer too! And the start proceedings was epic, that intro part of Queen's 1986 performance at Wembley combined with the fireworks - Naas and the team really put everything in to make this a memorable event.  


I really enjoyed my ride!  Registration could have been better signposted (I had to ask a few people where to go) but once inside I got my pack quickly and easily (paid many months ago).

The route was great, but sheesh it was not suited to a hardtail!  I was getting shaken and bounced all over the place!  I loved it though.  Great views, great snacks at the water points (and awesome vibe from the people there).  Having someone finish in 2h30 though makes me feel like a donkey...

 The worst part of the day for me was hanging around for three hours after I had finished and still not getting a lucky draw prize - especially as there were SO MANY prizes!!  I loved the prize giving commentary though!  


Naas and everyone involved, what an awesome race and vibe and everything around it, it was nothing short of excellent! Loved the route, it was challenging but yet enjoyable, the new section of singletrack on top of the big climb was cool but the scenery was breathtaking. Well done and thank you very much for all the effort to make it a great success! I’ll be back! 


My entry and registration went well and the race and route were both fantastic! - Johan Malan


Naas dit was excellent! Worth getting up at 4am and driving 200km for. Loved it and will be back. Route was pristine and well marked. I rode the whole thing non-stop, never needed to get off my bike


Hey Naas

Just a quick note to say that I thouroughly enjoyed the race on Saturday. The organisation was excellent and the route was great fun. Thanks for all your effort to make the day special.
I hope to see you there again next year
Brian Gelling


Baie baie geluk met Saterdag se event. Ek is so bly vir jou sukses. Well done. 

Mooi dag, en weereens, trots op die Patatfees!!


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